Unique Content Article: Learn About Medicare Supplement Insurance With A Charlotte Insurance Broker

Learn About Medicare Supplement Insurance With A Charlotte Insurance Broker

by Lance Aldinger

At the age of sixty-two or sixty-five, senior citizens can retire and receive Social Security. The insurance coverage Medicare provides has certain limitations. It does not cover all health care needs. Usually, as a Charlotte Insurance Broker can explain more clearly, the company offering the Supplemental policy sets its own payment and benefits amounts.

Before taking out a supplemental policy each person must have Medicare Part A and Part B. A premium is charged monthly for the Part B. It is customary to have it taken out of the monthly Social Security check each month for convenience sake.

The premium for the additional coverage, the supplemental policy, is owed to whatever company provides that coverage. In many cases it can also be automatically deducted from the Social Security check. A supplemental policy is intended to pay for whatever Medicare does not cover. There may be exceptions.

Exceptions occur because what is covered and what is not covered are at the sole discretion of the company selling the supplemental policy. It may be a Medicare Advantage Plan, which functions as an HMO. Drug coverage is included in many of these supplemental policies.

It is important to remember that you need to have prescription drug coverage in the supplemental policy. Do not fail to enroll in it, or let it lapse for over 63 days. If you do, you will be charged a late enrollment penalty when you do enroll in a new Medicare drug coverage plan.

Each person should shop around and investigate prices. Each plan may offer something beneficial to him that other policies do not. It all depends on whether you may need surgery. It also depends on the likelihood of you needing long-term care in a rehabilitation facility. There may be features such as home care in one policy but not another.

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